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3D CAD Modeling & Rendering

High-quality and dimensionally accurate 3D CAD modeling & realistic product rendering

Mechanical design, product development, & CAE simulation analysis

3D-Printed prototypes for rapid assessment, fitment validation, and small production runs

Detailed technical drawing, manufacturing documentation, & product datasheets

Tap into a wealth of valuable insight, research support, and vendor procurement strategies

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The expertise 3K Engineering provided helped reduce prototyping and development costs and guide the design to become a manufacturable product. 


Highly recommend for engineering services.

3K Engineering & Design was a joy to partner with for our product development and 3D print manufacturing needs. Andre’s willingness to provide hands-on, critical feedback was invaluable. It was a relief to find a company nearby that meets high standards in innovation and efficiency. Their expertise in turning concepts into tangible products is commendable. Definitely looking forward to future collaborations.

Andre has been a great asset to Adam Metal in the past. His expertise in product design, CAD design, as well as, CNC programming has had a great impact on Adam Metal’s continued success. His willingness to go the extra step in his work is of great value. I’m sure he will be an asset to anyone who utilizes his expertise.

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