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Whether you’re a creative individual looking to unlock the full potential of your ideas or an established company seeking a fresh perspective on a project, we are here provide the assistance you need.


By leveraging 3KED, you tap into a wealth of valuable insights and comprehensive research support. Our services encompass a wide array of areas, including design enhancements to elevate your products, optimization of manufacturing processes and methods to maximize efficiency, and strategic vendor procurement strategies to ensure reliable partnerships.

Utilizing 3KED, you can expect:



Expertise: Degreed engineers with hands-on industry knowledge and experience providing you with valuable insights and guidance.


Idea Exploration: We help you explore the possibilities and potential of your ideas, ensuring you make informed decisions moving forward.


Fresh Perspective: Benefit from a new viewpoint on ongoing projects, identifying areas for improvement and innovation.


Design Optimization: Leverage valuable recommendations to enhance your product design, ensuring efficiency, functionality, and market competitiveness.


Vendor Procurement Strategies: We help you navigate the complex landscape of vendor selection, negotiation, and management, ensuring you find reliable and cost-effective partners.


Research Support: Whether it’s exploring new materials, investigating manufacturing techniques, or evaluating potential vendors, we provide comprehensive research assistance.

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